Timely and Groundbreaking

The CfPA 2015 Annual Summit was both timely and groundbreaking, nearly six months into crowdfunding under Regulation A+ – and JOBS Act Title III Final Rules adopted by the SEC on October 30, 2015 – FINALLY!

The CfPA Annual Summit was unique – it was the only conference for the industry by the industry – with the participation of leading crowdfunding luminaries, many of whom are members of our esteemed Board of Directors.

The Details

manattDecember 2, 2015
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips Conference Suite
1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036

The 2015 CfPA summit, led by some of the most prominent figures in finance, FinTech, and securities governance, focused on the outlook and opportunities for Crowdfinance in 2016.

The conference was strategically structured to ensure that participants share knowledge and strategies while maximizing networking opportunities.

Who Spoke?

What Was Covered

  • Current developments in the modern path of capital formation: Title II, Title III, Reg A+, Intrastate, Rewards based
  • How the JOBS Act will influence Real Estate financings & fixed income investing
  • The maturation of Crowdfinance
  • Effectively marketing crowdfinance offerings
  • Crowdfinance and its impact on the startup ecosystem
  • Why Serious VCs and multi-exited entrepreneurs care about Reg A+
  • How the Wall Street establishment is preparing for Crowdfinance
  • Academia’s Role in Crowdfunding
  • Mitigating Fraud in Crowdfinance
  • Engaging a crowdfunding consultant – what you need to know
  • FinTech and a new era for securities marketing
  • The future of research, analytics & financial data
  • The introduction of new financing structures
  • How intrastate crowdfunding is impacting the federal regulations

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Who Attended

The audience consisted of industry veterans who remain passionate about democratizing the financial markets. Specific member demographics included:

  • Founders, Entrepreneurs & Issuers
  • Legislators, Regulators & Legal experts
  • FinTech Pioneers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Growth/ Venture Investors
  • Financial Advisors and service providers
  • Analysts
  • Financial innovators
  • Credentialed members of the financial media

Who Spoke

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Congressman Patrick McHenry

With final Title III Rule here, we were pleased to have North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry as our keynote speaker.

Please click the photo to learn more about Congressman McHenry.

Dara Albright

Recognized Speaker, Writer & Influencer

(Click Photo for Bio)

Chance Barnett

CEO, Crowdfunder

(Click Photo for Bio)

Joseph Bartlett

Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies

(Click Photo for Bio)

John Berlau

Competitive Enterprise Institute

(Click Photo for Bio)

Nick Bhargava


(Click Photo for Bio)

David Brody

Founder/Chairman, XTI Aircraft

(Click Photo for Bio)

David R. Burton

Senior Fellow in Economic Policy

(Click Photo for Bio)

Aubrey Chernick

Founder, NextGen Crowdfunding

(Click Photo for Bio)

Amy Cortese

Journalist, Local-Investing Expert

(Click Photo for Bio)

R. Cromwell Coulson

President/CEO, Dir.
OTC Markets Group, Inc

(Click Photo for Bio)

Craig Denlinger


(Click Photo for Bio)

Steven Dresner

CEO, Dealflow

(Click Photo for Bio)

Eric Eckardt

CEO, Dwellxchange

(Click Photo for Bio)

Doug Ellenoff

Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole LLP

(Click Photo for Bio)

Ryan Feit

Co-Founder, CEO

(Click Photo for Bio)

Jordan Fishfeld

Co-Founder/CEO, PeerRealty

(Click Photo for Bio)

Brandon Goetzman

Blue Vista Capital Management

(Click Photo for Bio)

Sebastian Gomez Abero

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

(Click Photo for Bio)

Sam Guzik

Partner, Guzik & Associates

(Click Photo for Bio)

Sara Hanks

CEO, CrowdCheck

(Click Photo for Bio)

Roger Hauptman

Co-Founder, Certified Investor Services

(Click Photo for Bio)

Alon Hillel-Tuch

CFO/CTO, RocketHub

(Click Photo for Bio)

Brian Kemp

Secretary State, Georgia

(Click Photo for Bio)

Karen Kerrigan

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

(Click Photo for Bio)

Brian Korn

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

(Click Photo for Bio)

Tom Lawson

VP Folio Institutional

(Click Photo for Bio)

Darren Marble

CEO, CrowdfundX

(Click Photo for Bio)

Gene Massey

CEO, MediaShares

(Click Photo for Bio)

Scott McIntyre

Dir. Univ of Toledo; M.D. Phabriq Devp

(Click Photo for Bio)

Blaine McLaughlin

Head of VIA Folio

(Click Photo for Bio)

Ian Nordin

VP Investment Sales, iFunding

(Click Photo for Bio)

John Pigott

CEO, ABE (A Better Exchange)

(Click Photo for Bio)

Kevin Provost

CEO, CoFund360

(Click Photo for Bio)

Scott Purcell

Founder/CEO, FundAmerica

(Click Photo for Bio)

Georgia Quinn

Co-Founder/CEO, iDisclose

(Click Photo for Bio)

Vincent Russo

Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield

(Click Photo for Bio)

Michael Sauvante

Commonwealth Group, LLC

(Click Photo for Bio)

Steve Sadler

CEO, Allegiancy

(Click Photo for Bio)

Victoria Silchenko

Ph.D. – Founder/CEO Metropole Capital Group

(Click Photo for Bio)

Richard Swart

PhD, Global Crowdfunding &
Alternative Finance Research

(Click Photo for Bio)

Chris Tyrrell

Founder/CEO, OfferBoard

(Click Photo for Bio)

Amy Wan

General Counsel – Patch of Land

(Click Photo for Bio)

Kim Wales

Wales Capital and CrowdBureau

(Click Photo for Bio)

Steve Wallman

FOLIOfn, Inc.

(Click Photo for Bio)

Thell Woods

Crowdfunding Services, LLC
Qualified Intermediary Services

(Click Photo for Bio)

Anthony Zeoli

Freeborn & Peters, LLP

(Click Photo for Bio)


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