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Meet the Board

Charles Sidman

President - Board of Directors - Investor

Dr. Charles Sidman was elected Board Member and President of the Crowdfunding Professional Association in October 2013.  He is Managing Partner of ECS Capital Partners LLC, an innovative Venture Fund investing in early-stage and growth enterprises, and is a retired Professor in the Medical and Business Colleges of the University of Cincinnati…more

Scott McIntyre

Secretary - Board of Directors - Intermediary

Scott McIntyre was elected to the Board of Directors in October 2013, and serves as Secretary. As Managing Director of strategy & capital services firm Phabriq Development, Scott managed the State of Ohio’s Edison Technology Business Incubation program from the University of Toledo where he is currently building an Entrepreneurship Development track for the College of Engineering…more

Thell Woods

Treasurer - Board of Directors - At-Large

Mr. Thell Woods was elected Treasurer of the Crowdfunding Professional Association in October 2013.  Currently he is the Chairman of Qualified Intermediary Services, holds a Certified Exchange Specialist (CES) designation from the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, and is CEO and founder of the “Community Centric” Crowdfunding Services LLC…more

Kevin Saba

Board of Directors - Entrepreneur

Mr. Kevin Saba was elected to the CFPA Board in October 2013.  He has a multi-discipline, 30-year professional and entrepreneurial career in Business, Law and Politics, including developing real estate projects both vertically and horizontally, investing in consumer trends early in their life cycle, and pursuing opportunities at the nexus of real estate and emerging consumer trends…more

Brian Korn

Board of Directors - At-Large

Brian Korn, Esq. was elected to the CfPA Board of Directors in January 2014. Brian is a corporate and securities attorney at the law firm Pepper Hamilton LLP and is a recognized expert on the JOBS Act, including its impact on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, IPOs and market trading dynamics. Brian is a regular contributor to discussions in national media including Forbes, CNBC, MSNBC…more