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Scott McIntyre is a founding member of the CfPA and currently serves as President and Chairman on the Board of Directors. Since the CfPA’s formation in 2012, Scott has served as Vice President, and Secretary on the board, and has co-chaired the Education & Training committee.

Scott is a lifelong entrepreneur and was fortunate to have called California his home for 20 years during an era of disruptive innovation and exponential growth. His non-volunteer work includes being a Director at The University of Toledo, responsible for building out the school’s Entrepreneurial ecosystem. Scott also mentors the College of Engineering student entrepreneurs, and previously managed the State of Ohio’s Edison Technology Business Incubator.

Scott is founder and chairman of strategy/capital services firm Phabriq Development, known for integrating innovative business development and marketing strategies into new business models across diverse industries including Finance, Education and Entertainment. He is active in venture communities both local and international, and a frequent speaker, moderator and panelist at leading global conferences helping, along with the CfPA, to broaden recognition of the power of the Crowd.

Details of Mr. McIntyre’s work history, achievements and recommendations can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile.

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