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CfPA sponsor and leading media producer, NextGen Crowdfunding, video interviews from 2015 CfPA Annual Summit

UT in DC

CfPA’s 3rd Annual Crowdfinance Summit outtakes. 20 minutes of insights from our industry’s leading minds.

CfPA 3rd Annual Summit reel

2016 Summit reel. Credit Gene Massey,

CfPA 3rd Annual Crowdfinance Summit opening address by Dara Albright

CfPA 3rd annual Crowdfinance Summit 2015

CfPA 3rd annual Crowdfinance Summit 2015













Six excerpts from CfPA 3rd Annual CrowdFinance Summit can be found here (or click image below)

CfPA annual summit videos

CfPA annual summit videos Washington D.C. December 2015

Full length video (56min) on introduction to Crowdfunding by Woodie Neiss and Ryan Feit. If you’re pressed for time and would prefer to watch each of these six parts individually, we edited the full video into more digestible segments below. Or feel free to bookmark our Vimeo page at