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Why become a CfPA Member?

In 2012 we were fortunate to have been founded by rare visionaries and early adopters. Since that day we have gained valuable insight and credibility by associating with those who understand how strategic and important crowdfunding and the mission of the CfPA is.

General Membership (Individuals) in the CfPA will be available on a provisional basis (no membership fee) until annual membership summit in Fall 2015. This provisional period is open for anyone who would like to join, but no voting rights in CfPA will be granted. Individual members have already been volunteering to serve on committees and for other needs of the CfPA during this interim period until elections, fall 2015. Feel free to email info@cfpa.org if you’re interested. Committees currently open are: (1) Annual Member & Education Summit, Washington DC, (2) Education & Training committee, (3) Member Engagement committee.

Our corporate colleagues willing to financially support the CfPA will be given a title of distinction, directory listing and prominent placement on our site. The title and position does not come with any voting rights in CfPA. Contact info@cfpa.org to discuss.

Invest in Yourself. Invest in Community. Join the CfPA! Meet other entrepreneurs and investors, third party service providers, and industry thought leaders. Join a dynamic network of committed volunteer professionals gathered to guide the industry and provide comprehensive professional development assistance to our membership.

  • Engage with experts on today’s events and tomorrow’s emerging topics. From social concerns to technology, finance and politics, explore the growing world of Crowdfunding in engaging, enlightening ways.
  • Stay informed. Receive newsletters, event invitations, special updates and reminders on our fast growing Crowdfunding industry.
  • Broaden your horizons. International travel, meetings with government and industry leaders, and ongoing dialogue with influential experts provide a fresh perspective on a changing world.
  • Give back to the community. Participate in mentoring programs, fundraising initiatives and community service activities, and see your involvement pay lasting dividends.
  • Gain professional advice and counsel from other thought leaders. The relationships you’ll form in the CfPA will give you a professional head start with support, industry insight, career advice and more.
  • Share your skills and gain off-the-job training. Help guide the industry by joining a CfPA committee.
  • CfPA endorsement. Distinguish yourself in the Crowdfunding industry by displaying a CfPA badge on your website.
  • Students. Please contact the CfPA at contact@CfPA.org for discounts and to discuss empowering student groups.
  • You will be able to enter your membership details after a successful login with PayPal.
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Provisional Membership (FREE until Fall 2015)   $995   Contact the CfPA
Register by emailing your name and contact info to info@cfpa.org  
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